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SAAF Kids is a child parenting time/exchange program provided by Safe Alternatives for Abused Families in Devils Lake, North Dakota. We envision a community where all families—moms, dads, and children—have safe, respectful, and healthy relationships. SAAF Kids strives to meet the individual needs of your family.


Policies of the program apply to every person or family that uses the service but have been established to provide flexibility to meet your individual family needs. A staff member of SAM Kids will work with you to establish parameters for service that provide for safety and a comfortable environment for you and your child(ren) while receiving services. These guidelines are intended to help you fully understand how the services work.


During parenting time sessions, the non-custodial parent can meet up to one to two hours with his/her child(ren) onsite. SAAF Kids staff are available to answer questions and monitor parenting time interactions, Complete observation forms, offer help, and enforce program policies. 

These provide a safe and respectful place in which parents can exchange their children for parenting time. SAAF Kids arranges schedules that are coordinated to avoid contact between parents to ensure that children are safe and not exposed to parental conflict and parents are not at risk of unsafe contact during their exchange.

SAAF Kids requires parents and related visitors to arrive and depart at staggered intervals to prevent parents from having contact with one another. If you find the other parent is outside the SAAF Kids building at the time of your arrival, please continue to drive past the facility and then contact SAAF Kids staff to inform staff of the situation.


Conditions and Rules


Custodial adults or other designees providing transportation are asked to accompany the child(ren) inside the building. Following the parenting time/ exchange, the child(ren) will be released only to custodial adults or their designated transporter. Custodial adults must provide information to SAAF Kids prior to any other individual transporting the child(ren).


Physical discipline of the child(ren) is not permitted during parenting time/exchanges at SAAF Kids.


When a service is cancelled by either parent, SAAF Kids will notify all other necessary parties that the parenting time/exchange has been cancelled. SAAF Kids will work with both parties to schedule a make-up visit, upon the request of the visiting parent.


SAAF Kids staff encourages you to remain attentive to your child(ren)'s needs. While at SAAF Kids, the following communications with your child(ren) is not recommended:

  • Discussion of court-related matters or allegations regarding the other parent.

  • Derogatory comments about the significant individuals in a child(ren)'s life.

  • If you are not aware of where your children or their other parent is residing, questions concerning the child(ren)'s home address, telephone number, or the school he/she is attending. 

SAAF Kids does not deliver packages, notes. letters, documents, or any form of written correspondence from one parent or adult to another.

Safety and Security

Safety for you is of utmost importance for SAAF Kids and therefore we maintain an alarm/buddy system, a metal detector wand, means to test for alcohol use, video surveillance cameras, and audio systems. The outside of the building includes properly lit parking areas. You will only be admitted to the SAAF Kids building by staff.

Weapons of any kind are not allowed on the premises. SAAF Kids inspects all items brought to the visit; this includes but is not limited to all packages, bags. and purses. If contraband materials are discovered during the inspection of your bags, SAAF Kids will have to confiscate the contraband and turn it over to law enforcement. 

Late Arrivals

Visiting parents who arrive late will forego parenting time equivalent to their tardiness. When a parent is more than 15 minutes late from the scheduled time, SAW Kids will cancel the scheduled parenting time session/exchange. Scheduling Changes Every effort should be made by both parents to maintain a consistent schedule. Changes in scheduled services at SAAF Kids will be accommodated only if possible.

Emergency Closings

SAAF Kids will close if it is unsafe for you and/or staff to travel due to hazardous weather conditions. You should call the office if you have concerns. SAAF Kids staff will attempt to make contact with you if services are cancelled due to weather conditions.


SAAF Kids will provide parenting time and exchange services when it is safe for all parties involved. Possible reasons for termination may include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety risks that exceed SAAF Kids capabilities.

  • A parent's failure with the conditions or rules for participation in the program.

  • Threat of or actual violence or abuse at SAAF Kids by a parent.

  • A child(ren)'s continued refusal to visit at SAAF Kids.

  • Conflict of interest. 

**You may file a grievance if you do not agree with the decision for termination. You may request the form from your case manager.

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