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SAAF provides training and education programs to any specialized training for professionals, community organizations, schools, and any other interested agency on best practices to improve coordinated response to violence, to disciplines including but not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Criminal Justice/Courts

  • Healthcare

  • Human Services

  • Clergy

  • Children’s Services

  • Military


Topics include but not limited to:

  • Domestic Violence

  • Sexual Violence

  • Bullying/Cyber bullying

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Teen Dating

  • Safety Planning

  • Internet Safety

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Steps to Respect

  • Second Steps for Elementary aged children

  • Safe Dates for students that are in 8th grade -12th grade

  • Presentation on SAAF and the services we provide


All topics can be tailored to fit the audience and can be modified for length of time.

Business Conference
Classroom Lecture


Second Steps Curriculum 
Second Steps is a classroom-based social-skills program for children 4 to 14 years of age that teaches socioemotional skills aimed at reducing impulsive and aggressive behavior while increasing social competence. The program builds on cognitive behavioral intervention models integrated with social learning theory, empathy research, and social information-processing theories. The program consists of in-school curricula, parent training, and skill development. Second Step teaches children to identify and understand their own and others' emotions. reduce impulsiveness and choose positive goals. and manage their emotional reactions and decision decision making process when emotionally aroused. 

Safe Dates 
The Safe Dates curriculum is a nine-session program that deals with attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. Each session can be completed in about fifty minutes. The curriculum can be presented over a period of days or weeks. depending on your program. 

Steps to Respect Curriculum 
The Steps to Respect program promotes a whole­-school approach to bullying by addressing factors at the school, staff. peer-group. individual-child. and family levels. 

Will you hold my child...? 
Will you hold my child...? is an original production that examines issues around inter­vening in cases of battering that involve children. Based on stories from battered women's lives. the story brings participants into the physical. emotional. and spiritual turmoil of a home where battering is occurring. Audiences gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics in the lives of an abuser's family members, in their relationships to each other. and particularly in the relationship between the mother and her children. 

Project Northland Class Action Date Rape on Trial 
Class Action looks at the real-world social and legal consequences involving teens and alcohol. Teens are divided into legal teams to prepare and present hypothetical civil cases in which someone has been harmed as a result of underage drinking. Each team is given a casebook that contains the facts of their case, affidavits and depositions. and all legal and other information needed to argue their case. 

Coaching Boys to Men 
Coaching Boys into Men engages athletic coaches through the Coaches Leadership Program to help shape the attitudes and behaviors of young male athletes. 

Expect Respect 
Expect Respect is an ecologically informed dating violence prevention program for middle and high schools that engages the entire school community in changing social norms about dating relationships and creating a respectful environment. 

May I Kiss You? 
May I Kiss You? program teaches students to make healthier. safer and all around better decisions regarding dating. intimacy. relationships. consent, the use of alcohol with sexual activity. bystander intervention. and in learning how to support survivors of sexual assault. 

Respect Works 
Respect Works is a short power point presentation on preventing sexual violence in the work place to including harassment. offensive jokes and comments. Sexual Violence on the job correlates with decreased productivity, higher rates of absenteeism, and lower employee morale. 

Sexual Violence and what we should know. 
Information on sexual assaults including but not limited to. drug facilitated. date rape, stranger rape. the laws. sexual assault kit, effects it has on the victim. 

Domestic Violence and what we should know. 
Information on the dynamics of domestic violence, safety planning, stalking, and the effects domestic violence has on victims and their children. 

Take Back the Night Tours 
Offered in April and October of each year. 
''"°'Other tours are available upon request. 

Safety Planning 
Helps survivors identify, create, and organize strategies to increase their level of safety. 

Women's Support Group 
12 weekly sessions that last approximately 60 minutes each. 

Children's Support Group 
12 weekly sessions that last approximately 60 minutes each. 

Tending Your Garden 
Helps to empower women to become independent and to make healthy choices in future relationships. 

It happened to me. 
Helps survivors of sexual violence overcome the violence that they experienced. 

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